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                      “Soma- Say no to muscle cramps and distress”

Soma is also known as a muscle relaxer that is being used to deal with muscle spasm and discomfort. Moreover, this drug is used along with the rest, physical and other treatment to calm the muscles.  

Caution- Abusing to this drug may lead to serious side effects such as overdose, addiction and death. 

The generic version of this drug is carisoprodol. Soma drug is permissible for short term use such as two to three week without modification. There is no clue of its effectiveness in long term use because most of the skeleton muscle injuries are occur fort term period. To know more about its chemical formation go through given below directions- 

Drug classification- 

· Soma drug activates in the drug class known as a carbamate. 

· Therefore, it runs by halting the pain sensation between the nerves and cells.

· Moreover, it might turn as a habit-forming if you are lying under treatment for an extended duration. 

Control status-

· It triggers in the schedule 4 controlled substances. 

· Therefore, it has low potency for abuse as compared to schedule 2 & 3.

· FDA affiliated the usage of this drug in the USA in 1959 under specified norms. 


· Each strength is having the same color, shape but different inscription. 

· The mechanism rate of each variant is different due to their potency and power. 

· Go and consult with the doctor about your adequate dosage before reaching under therapy. 

Life tendency of soma drug-

In most of the cases, the half-life depends upon intake soma dosage amount. However, the half-life if nearby 2 to 3 hours in healthy adults but may persist longer if you are under surplus dosage. The full dosage will be deleted from the body within 11 hours. Several factors may affect the elimination process sufferer to sufferer- 

· Age 

· Sex

· Body mass 

· Intake dosage amount 

· Liver functioning 

· Metabolic rate

· Physical and mental aptitude

Soma drug might be detected in several organs after last utilization thorough medical tests- 

· It may last on the bloodstream for up to 24 hours after last use.

· Soma drug may exist in the urine for up to 4days after the previous method.

· Dosage of soma may be detectable in the hair follicles for up to 90 days.

· This drug may remain in the saliva for up to 96 hours after last utilization. 


                                     The 85% amount of this drug evicts through the urine, and the remaining may go out through saliva, hair sweat with different time ranges. 

Common side effects of soma dosage- 

· Soma drug may lead to cause side effects such as dizziness and drowsiness if you are not lying in the prescribed manner. 

· You may use it with or without food if you are under nausea. To lower the impact of vomiting and nausea, must take a dose after a meal.

· You may feel cloudy urine in the initial phase, so it is not a big issue; it can be due to lack of water. Drink enough water to prevent from cloudy urine. 


 It is not the complete list of side effects, to know more about this drug side effect visit the given below link. 

Where to order soma online? 

You can get soma online as well as over the counter. While making your purchase from over the counter, you should have a legal prescription to get it but when you buy soma online so you can apply for online prescription too without additional charges.

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